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Miami College of Science and Technology University

Miami College of Science and Technology

At Miami College, we are a young and dynamic university committed to excellence and innovation in education, aiming to cultivate leaders in various disciplines. Our faculties of Health Sciences, Social Sciences, and Engineering offer students a wide range of educational opportunities.

Our Faculty of Health Sciences focuses on training qualified healthcare professionals with the goal of protecting and improving human health. Our educational programs, supported by the latest scientific research and applications, ensure that our students acquire both theoretical and practical knowledge.


Miami College of Science and Technology University

Bachelor's Degrees

Social sciences encompass a broad group of disciplines that examine the behavior, relationships, culture and social structures of human societies. see more...

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It often offers a variety of professional and academic opportunities to students who want to work in healthcare.

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Engineering is a discipline that solves real-world problems, designs new products, and develops and builds systems using scientific principles and mathematical methods. see more...

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Our organization is always seeking to expand our talented workforce, and to build upon the diversity of our learning community and the industries it serves. We are accepting applications for established professionals in the trade compliance, logistics, and ancillary industries with a desire to teach undergraduate and graduate curriculum that is pragmatic and innovative. see more...


Miamist College strives to offer the highest quality distance education to adult learners by offering Professionally Significant Degrees®, innovative courses and a student-centered experience in alignment with our commitment to honor, distinction and excellence in higher education. Our faculty and staff provide top-quality academic experiences and support students as they work toward their educational goals. see more...